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Chris Hoover has spent the better part of the past two decades searching for the truth to the questions he has had since he was a young adolescent boy.Chris has published two sci-phi fantasy novels, with a revolutionary-metaphorical spin to them. The writing of those stories, took Chris, back and forth to Costa Rica several times, where he spent up to a year at a time, exploring the mystical valleys, rivers,waterfalls, portals, bays, and canyons. In all of those adventures, he found portals to other dimensions, shamans, yogis, oracles, and a revolution that is waiting to happen.

Meanwhile,Chris has been involved in various kinds of Activism, including Cannabis Legalization, the Truth behind 911, and the creation of a Cannabis Cartoon,featuring a Ganja Breathing Dragon, named “Ganjzilla”. Through all of these years spent living on the road to revolution, Chris has realized his true calling, and that is of course… “All Along The Watchtower”. It was spawned after the realization that our future is hanging in the hands of a very confused group of people. So, Chris has decided to bring take this exciting new platform to the beaches of California and Beyond.

All Along The Watch Tower is committed to uncovering and exposing the fact that everything that is broadcast on the main-stream “NEWS” is anything but the Truth.The Truth is, the fact that we as a society are sitting on a very vulnerable precipice,and it is up to us, to determine the future of our beautiful world. We have given our government several hundreds of years to prove they are not worthy of their “governance”. So, it is simply time, we take responsibility for our own future. That being said, we hope you will “Watch Us Watch Them”. People should not fear their government, the government should fear the people, as we have the power, they do not!